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How to Make the Garage Safer

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Home safety is always a priority and responsibility. Every homeowner should do safe practices to ensure that no accidents will happen to anyone in the family. Like any other room in the house, the garage can be a little messy. In fact, it can be truly messy. We tend to store just about anything and everything in the garage including dangerous things, combustible materials, sharp tools, etc. These can be threatening to your kids and pets if left unattended. Here are some things you can do to make the garage safer.

1. Store Chemicals in a Safe Place

Most if not all people store their paints, pesticides, and other chemicals in the garage. Keep these things away from the reach of your children or pets by storing them in a cabinet with a lock if not on the topmost part of the shelf. Antifreeze can kill your cat or dog. Do not store them in a different container or they might leak and cause more problems. You might use the wrong chemical too and cause a disaster. If they do spill, wipe them off immediately.

2. Store Gas Grills as Far Away as Possible

Gas grills are most likely stored in the garage with the propane attached to it. Storing it at least 10 feet away from the house will make it safer. Propane is a combustible gas. If it leaks, the gas floats atop the garage floor. A single spark of static electricity or even the flip of the switch can cause a blowup. Keep it as far away as possible and maybe put it in a safe compartment.

3. Store Ladders Horizontally

Most people leave them open or leaned against the wall. This can actually be dangerous if your kids decide to go for a climb. Other than that, they can fall and knock over your cabinets, shelves, or worse, your car. Store them horizontally or in any way where they will be closed for the meantime.

4. Store Tools Vertically

Gardening tools, car tools, and others should be vertically stored, attached to the walls, and secured with hooks. This way they won’t be everywhere but have a permanent place when you need them.

5. Keep the Doors and Windows Locked

This is especially true if your car is parked inside. The windows and doors should have secure locks. However, if you still want the convenience of easily opening your garage door, then have a Garage door opener installed.

6. Check the Smoke Detectors

Your garage should have smoke detectors as your house does. Check them or have them checked by professionals if they are still operational. Have the batteries changed once in six months.

7. Make an Effort to Thoroughly Clean Spills

After an easy cleaning, a rug may look clean. But, it can still have harmful fluids or chemicals that can be dangerous. Make an effort to thoroughly scrub and clean them. If you think they’ve soaked up too much leak from the car, then you’ll have to get rid of them. If the spills reach the floor, make every effort to scrub them off or soak them up with a cat litter.

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